Teapot for one £2.20

Teapot for two £3.20

Tea selection ~

English breakfast


Earl Grey




Lemon and Ginger

Red berries



Cherry Bakewell

Fudge Melt

Salted Caramel


Follow the 3 simple steps!

Step 1

Choose either a 2 egg omelette @ £5.90 or a 4 egg omelette @ £7.45

Step 2

Choose your four fillings

Here they are = chicken, bacon, sausage, cheese, sundried tomatoes,olives, jalopenos, peppers, pesto, mushrooms, spinach, beans, slaw, onion, tuna

Step 3

Wait for it to be freshly prepared and cooked!

Additional fillings on request

Side salad optional extra, no further charge!

The Deck Breakfast 

3 bacon slices, 2 sausages, 1 egg, black pudding, mushrooms, beans, slice of toast and hot drink £7.95

Petite Deck Breakfast

2 bacon slices, 1 sausage, 1 egg, mushrooms, beans and slice of toast £5.95

Sausage sandwich £3

Bacon sandwich £3

Egg on toast £2.95

Beans on toast £2.90

Cheese on toast £2

Slice of toast 50p

Slice of toast 90p

Porridge £2.50

Eggs Benedict £6.95



Our coffee is freshly ground in-house 

Fairtrade and organic....just as it should be

We have four infamous hot baguettes here at The Deck...without doubt our best sellers!

The Hog and Hen ~ a fabulous combo of sausage, bacon and egg ~ not rocket science but tastes like a dream!  £3.90

Three Little Pigs ~ full of our gorgeous thick bacon rashers  £3.40

The Hogfather ~ Hot sausages ~ simple!  £3.40

The Porker ~ Full of fresh bacon and sausage £3.60

Egg mayo (v)


Tuna mayo

Chorizo mozzerella

Ham cheese & jalopeno

Tomato, mozzarella & pesto (v)

Bacon, brie & cranberry

Eat in price £3.80  Eat out price £3.10

Any sandwich, any crisps plus H2O or OJ = Meal deal @ £4.50


Chilli chicken EAT IN £5.95 AWAY £5

Pesto Chicken EAT IN £5.95 AWAY £5

​Ham & Cheese EAT IN £5.95 AWAY £5

Tuna Mayonnaise EAT IN £5.95 AWAY £5

Bacon & Poached Egg EAT IN £5.95 AWAY £5

All of above can be freshly made on white, or brown bread, a baguette or a toastie

Finally the soft ones!

Still water £1.10  Sparkling water £1.40  Flavoured waters £1.30

Orange juice £1.60  Fentimans bottles £2.40 Iced tea £2  Milk 80p  Squash 80p

Feta & Olive EAT IN £4.95 AWAY £4

Halloumi pine nut EAT IN £4.95 AWAY £4

​Panzanella & Poached Egg EAT IN £4.95 AWAY £4

Ham salad

Chicken mayo

Cheese salad (v)

BBQ chicken

Tuna melt

Brie & white grape (v)


Latte £2.40

Mocha £2.50

Cappuccino £2.40

Americano £2.20

Flat white £2.40

Espresso £1.60

Double espresso £2.00

Traditional macchiato £2.10

Extra shot 70p

Syrup 70p

Decaffeinated available

Hot Chocolate

Milk or white hot chocolate £2.70

Posh hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows £3.10


Giant Pint Sized Hot Choc

~ Black Forest £3.95

~ Salted Caramel £3.95

Hot Baguettes